Sunday, July 27, 2014

What if other nations acted in the same manner as Israel in Gaza?

One of the central themes of Israel's defence of its intervention in Gaza is that if other countries, especially those in Europe or North America, were in its position then, they too would be forced to take similar measures to ensure their security.

Let's take their argument and test its logic. Imagine that during The Troubles the UK government had responded to the the bombing campaign carried out by the Provisional IRA in both Northern Ireland and the British mainland in a manner akin to than being employed by the Israeli Defense Force now in Gaza. (See full size image here).

What if other nations acted in the same manner as Israel in Gaza?

Just to remember that the often brutal conflict in Northern Ireland cost the lives of 3,530 and left more than 47,500 injured in a campaign that lasted from the late 60's to the Clinton brokered Good Friday peace deal in 1998. The current death toll for The Gaza Strip is 1032 dead after just 19 days of IDF operations.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Killing Kids Is Not Cool - Israel invades Gaza

In Kosovo again

I spent part of last week in Pristina, Kosovo. Despite the fact that the country was involved in a brutal war in  the late 90's the capital shows little evidence of the fighting, and instead is now a bustling, friendly Balkan city.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Girl In The Yellow Dress

On the war path, protesters against plans to privatise historical market place - Thessaloniki, Greece

The authorities in Thessaloniki want to sell off the historical Modiano market place in the heart of the city.

Greek high school students protest changes in the exam system

Already the changes have resulted in a six-fold increase in those failing certain lessons in northern Greece. As with so many educational systems, the Greek one is used as a political football as new ministers introduce their latest pet projects, often ignoring the disastrous effects of constant change on those trying to complete their studies.