Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Students at Greece's musical high schools take part in nationwide protests

Students at Greece's musical high schools take part in nationwide protests The students were protesting over wide range of problems caused by lack of state funding for the country's music schools. Lack of staff, cuts in school buses and the stopping of school meals were among the issues that the high schoolers were trying to bring to the public's attention.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poverty in Greece

Poverty in Greece by Teacher Dude's BBQ
Poverty in Greece, a photo by Teacher Dude's BBQ on Flickr.
Remember, Greece is not the victim of an insane policy of austerity but a shining example of the benefits of fiscal readjustment.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The restaurant at the end of the universe.

The Greek I Won't Pay movement targets road tolls - Video of latest action

Despite the fact that Greece's economy has been shrinking for nearly six years, unemployment is at record levels and disposable income is dropping, the local and international corporations that control much of the nation's motorway network have repeatedly raise the cost of using these roads.

In an attempt to reverse this groups of Greek activists, part of the Den Plirono movement have resumed their protests at road tolls across the country, encouraging motorists to pass through without paying. This is a risky venture as many have been arrested and several are now facing civil and criminal court cases.

Those charged are facing the possibility of having to pay 500,000 euros each in damages and terms in prison for previous actions.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Won't Pay movement - Greek road toll protest.

Much of Greece's road network is a private fiefdom owned and/or controlled by the country's fabulously wealthy oligarchs.Even as the economy collapses and Greece enters yet another year of economic contraction road tolls have risen and yet more toll are planned still further strangling any hope of development.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1500 - 2000 Greek protesters march in solidarity with Villa Amalias raided by police last week - Thessaloniki, Greece

For more on this story;

"Today takes place a 10,000 people demonstration in solidarity to the 92 people arrested on Wednesday after the "re-eviction of Villa Amalias and against the state-run fascism. The demonstration started from Propylaea of Athens University and marched via Patision avenue to the courthouse of Evelpidon where they remain waiting for the decision of the attorney general about the 92 arrested who still are detained. The first 10 were released a couple of hours ago until their trial."


A tale of two images - Greece


A few years ago I was taking pictures in the centre in an abandoned building near this guy's shop. He popped out of his place and politely asked me what I was doing and after I had explained I asked if I could take his picture.

For rent

This is the same shop just a few days ago, long since closed, the once bright red For Rent sign in the window faded away. I have no idea why the place shut down, perhaps the owner retired or perhaps the economic crisis made it impossible to stay open. However, the fact that the business has not taken on a new lease of life is testament to the harsh new realities that Greece is facing.

Businesses have always closed and yet in most areas of the city someone could be relied upon to rustle up some money to try out a new idea of approach and so empty store fronts rarely stayed that way for long, especially in the busier parts of town.Following the financial meltdown in 2008 this has become less and less true and even Thessaloniki's most commercial thorough fares are littered with boarded up shops, sometimes left unlet for years on end.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Zombie shopping malls - Greece

This place was built less than 5 years ago, part of shopping complex in the then prosperous eastern suburbs of the northern port city of Thessaloniki. This section never opened, a victim of the economic crisis that struck Greece in 2009. The rest of the complex closed down in 2011.

Bye, bye Welfare State. UK government passes Welfare bill.