Saturday, February 28, 2015

Updating the blog

A retrospective update of my blog. What between tweeting about Greek elections, taking photographs and fighting off a chest infection straight out of the Contagion B-roll I haven't done much here lately.

Greece held elections on the 25th January and despite all predictions to the contrary, the world did not end not did global economy implode, but Europe being Europe, this simply meant the same threats were rewarmed and served up again and again and again, over the following weeks as Athens and its creditors played hard ball the possibility of a new deal.

For the first time I can recall, the central squares of Greece's major cities were filled with pro not anti-government protests.

In Athens the fact 20,000 people had gathered outside parliament in support of the Syriza-led government caused no end of cognitive dissonance to the riot police units on duty. Here in Thessaloniki Greeks from across the political spectrum came in support of the government's stance, echoing the start of the Indignant movement in 2012.,


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