Monday, May 30, 2011

Greek Revolution - Thessaloniki 5th day

Greece's Indignados continue protests for sixth day

In Athens, Thessaloniki and score of other cities and towns across Greece, protesters have continued to attend rallies in protest against the government and the austerity measures demanded by the country's creditors.

In Athens more than 100,000 gathered peacefully in the central Syntagma Square opposite parliament to express their indigbation with not only the policies ofthe ruling PASOK party but also with the whole political system in general which is widely perceived as being corrupt and unrespeonsive to popular needs.

In Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki thousands also rallied, taking part in open assemblies which lasted from 6pm till after midnight, despite torrential downpours. Debates not only focused on the current economic crisis but also touched on wider issues such as how the country should be governed.

However, as the days pass demonstrators, following the example of Spanish, Egyptian and Tunisian protests have been organising themselves with internet camps, cleaning crews, translation groups being formed in order to get their message across and keep sites tidy.

In sharp contrast to massive unrest that gripped Greece in December 2008 following the police shooting of a teenager the present demonstrations have been remarkably peaceful and have included a far wider ranger of ages and political views as ordinary people unaffliated with any political group have come to hear and share with others their own experiences.


Dorian said...

In greece, only the politicians are corrupt? So, you don't know Greece. I lived in Greece for five years, and I've never seen so much corruption, among people: doctors, civil servants in general, etc. fakelakia is an institution in Greece. You must think politicians in Greece are aliens from Mars. Greeks like to blame the politicians and the xenos, that's all.

Ivymelda said...

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