Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks's Julian Assange - "Iraq was a blood bath on every corner"

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I have just finished following the Wikileaks conference live on the internet in which Julian Assange and British lawyers representing Iraqi victims of British military violence presented the latest leaked documents on the occupation of Iraq by US and UK forces. The material makes for painful reading and its a litany of brutality, lies and killings carried out in the name of American and British democracy. Not least of the shocking revelations is the addition of over 15,000 more Iraqi dead to the official death toll. In addition the documents also bring to light the extensive use of torture by UK forces and the legacy of colonial savagery and racism developed in imperial outposts such as Cyprus, Palestine and Northern Ireland that the British brought to Iraq.

As one contributor said it was hard to ignore the savage racism that allowed interrogators  to operate with the the only limitation being that of their own imagination. thousands of people hauled off the streets and traeted in a manner that got Nazi officials long sentences in the Nuremberg war trials

Also what can you say about the murder of a young girl by a British soldier riding a tank as she played in street. What was here crime? What did she do to deserve such a fate? isndie there is a feeling of anger and disgust welling up to think that such crimes against humanity and decency were carried out by in my name. It makes me feel unclean and ashamed.


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Benito Mussolini said...

I commend WikiLeaks for releasing all of this information. No rational person believes that all horrors of war are reported but this really puts it in the light. It's sad that it happens but hiding it doesn't keep it from happening.