Thursday, May 07, 2009

Your dream job - an EFL/ESL lesson plan

This is aimed at intermediate and post intermediate students and is a way to practice discussion, presentation and listening skills. You'll need an access to the internet and a way of recording either audio or video.

Lesson Plan

1 Students form groups of 2 - 4 and give them 2 minutes to write down as many jobs as possible e.g. teacher, doctor etc.

2 The groups with the longest list writes it on the board. Ask other students to add to it.

3 While the students are doing this write down their names on pieces of paper. When they have finished the job exercise hand out the names at random.

4 Students now decide which job from the list on the board would best suit the person whose name is on their piece of paper. The student then tells the other what job they choose and why.

5 Now ask students to write down their own dream job and why it would suit them.

6 Discuss this in pairs/groups.

7 Now explain to students that they are going to watch a video another job and they have to write down as many details about it as possible.

8 Students compare notes and decide what kind of person would be best for this job.

9 Now explain that in part of the application for the position involves posting a 60 second video on Youtube . See some examples here. Their job is to create their own video. To find out more details about the position get them to study the full job description here.

This can be done with a webcam, video camera or their mobile phone (audio or video). The video can be edited with Windows Movie Maker, which comes as standard with every copy of Windows. Alternatively, they can use their own images or images off the internet to create a video with still images and a voice over. Photostory 3, Windows Movie Maker or Slideshare, and Animoto are some of the programs you could use.

Read more about the person who got the job, Ben Southall.


Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

When I read the title - I kind if ... mesread it! Your dream job: an EFL teacher!!! And I thought "What is he talking about??" hahaha
Great lesson plan btw!

teacher dude said...

Yep, teaching EFL is my dream job. Hope the lesson worked out for you.

Mrs. Garcia said...

I'm just beginning a unit on dream jobs with middle school gifted and talented students. I'll use your plan as the intro. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Lesson Depot has Free ESOL Lesson Plan Templates: Free ESOL Lesson Plan Templates

Unknown said...
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Shannon said...

This is great Teacher Dude! Thank you so much!