Saturday, April 11, 2009

G20 "This is not a riot" - "Wanna bet?"

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that there are 3,000 child soldiers RIGHT NOW in Northern Uganda and the DR Congo?

You are receiving this Message because on April 25, 2009 an event is happening all around the world called “The Rescue,” and one of your friends, colleagues or family members thinks you should be there. The Rescue is being hosted by Invisible Children, the creators of one of the most influential youth-driven movements in the United States, and the film makers of a powerful documentary.

On April 25, thousands of people will abduct themselves into the public squares of over 100 cities worldwide, to tell the international community that Africa’s longest running war must end. In Athens, we’ll abduct ourselves to Syntagma Square at 15:00 to show the international community that Greece does not think children should be used as soldiers, and that 22 years of war is long enough.

Right now, over 3,000 children are soldiers in the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda and the DR Congo. On April 25, you can come to their Rescue in Athens. Here’s How:

1. Join our facebook group:
2. Put Saturday, April 25, 15:00, THE RESCUE in your planner.
3.Invite all of your friends to the event (possibly in Greek, if you write the language better than I do!)
4. On April 25th, show up in Syntagma Square at 15:00 with all of your friends, enough food and water to last through the evening, and a great attitude.

Invisible Children wrote in their blog, “…In comes: Athens, Greece! Along with our ten official countries, we’ve got supporters from around the world joining the movement. It’s really encouraging to see this grow into a global force, something that anyone in any part of the world can take part in.”

Lets show them Athens, Greece has what it takes. Forward this e-mail, and I will meet you on April 25, in Syntagma Square.

Amber H