Saturday, March 07, 2009

Superhero EFL/ESL lesson plan

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1 Students think of examples of different superheros e.g. Spiderman. The teacher writes them in the board.

2 What special ability does each possess?

3 What special ability would you like to have have and why. Students write that down on a small piece of paper 5cm by 5cm and hand it in.

4 Tape a small piece of paper on each student's forehead. They are allowed to ask the other students any question they like but the answer most be either "yes" or "no".

E.g. Does it make travel you more quickly?
Is the the ability to fly?


The teacher writes the abilities on the board the the students have to guess which person wanted which ability.

5 Tell students to form into groups of two or three and go to The Hero Factory website.

6 Go through the different categories and explain the terms if necessary.

7 Give each group 10 minutes to design their own superhero comic character.

8 Now each group works on giving a small presentation about their hero which includes abilities, background, history, weakness etc. in a a couple of paragraphs.

9 The superhero could be posted on class/personal blogs.
Follow on projects could include;

a - A fictional biography of the character see here for the example of Spiderman on Wiki.

b - A news story involving the character. This could be written in the style of a newspaper article or done as a straight to camera piece.

c - An interview with the hero which could be videoed.

d - Create a comic strip using the Hero.

e- Describe the hero's arch enemy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these ideas! I have used superheroes to teach ability before, but I wasn't familiar with the Hero Factory website. And the extension ideas are great!

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Cool! We had done a project on super heroes last year with my students - about their faves and which super power they'd like to have... I rememeber you giving me a link from BBC for smaller kids - super heroe high was it?

Escuela de Ingles de Salto said...

Thank you!!!