Friday, July 14, 2006

Notes from another world

I used to think that childhoods were like aircraft landings - anyone you walk away from in one piece is a good one. However, when you read about some of the terrible things people have done to children, even their own you start to realise that this is not true, that many don't just walk away, a little battered but basically intact.

I found a extremely well-written blog today and was alternatively moved and shocked by a Kristina's fight to come to terms with the terrible time she suffered at the hands of her parents. I didn't know which emotion to feel, alternating between anger, pity and admiration as I read Kristina's account of growing up with an abusive father and deeply flawed mother.

Despite all the crap she went through she has gone on to get an MBA and is doing her CPA. Not exactly a happy ending I guess, as in these cases there is no such thing, but a wonderful story about someone overcoming the past, rather than letting it destroy her.

I'm not sure what the netiquette is about linking to blogs in cases like this, but I assume that since Kristina has used her real name I'm not revealing anything she would want kept private.

Lightning Rod Girl

However, I must warn you that some of the things she talks about in her blog are raw and sometimes harrowing.


Tealrat said...

thanks! I am actually very happy, there's just no ending, happy or otherwise. once I recognized the truth about my life, I started dealing with it a lot better. thank you for writing about me. I like your blog. plus, Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite writers.


teacher dude said...

It takes enormous couarge to do what you did. I'm glad to hear that your life is happy. You, above all, deserve that.

By the way, you have an excellent writing style. Have you ever considered writing professionally ?

Tealrat said...

not really. most of my non-blog writing is poetry, and there's not much in the way of professional opportunities for poets. I do, however, fantasize about publishing my blog in book form. if I had that opportunity, or any other chance to write professionally for that matter, I would certainly jump at it.

I love writing. it is really fulfilling, and it has saved my life, no kidding. thanks for the props!


teacher dude said...

Keep on trying, now with the internet there are many more oportunties to let others know about your work and build up an audience.

As far as blog wrting is concerned, I know exactly what you mean. It has made a great difference to the way I view myself and my work knowing that others are viewing this blog and getting something from it.

A great boost for my self-esteem