Thursday, September 20, 2007

The ripple effect

I just came across this in the Guardian website;

Greek riot police beat up photographer

September 20, 2007 12:24 PM

When a teacher decided to take photographs of a peaceful demonstration in Greece, he ended up with a dislocated shoulder, fractured nose, multiple cuts and bruising after being beaten up by riot police. He says he was arrested in Thessaloniki on September 8, placed in an unmarked van by the four plain clothes cops and taken to the central police station. He was later released without charge. The teacher, aged 40, blogs under the pseudonymn of Teacher Dude, and is originally from England, now living in northern Greece. (Via Teacher Dude and Flickr)


Baretta said...

Craig, one thing I'm not sure you thought of yet. Have you contacted the British High Commission in Athens? Seems to me that in Greece, just a mention of American or British Embassy can get the attention of the right people. You should make a formal complaint to the British High Commission or Embassy. I don't think the Greek government wants a diplomatic note over their local yahoos beating up one of Britain's finest.

teacher dude said...

I'm off to the British Consulate tomorrow to report this. Thanks for the advice.

taz said...

Hi, there. I'm so sorry to hear this... Believe it or not, I only just learned about it via metafilter. Not keeping up with things since I moved to Athens, obviously. I'm glad this is getting publicity - but too bad it comes at the expense of your poor bones. I hope you're feeling better, and that the lawyers and journalists are not besieging you too much! :) Be well.