Sunday, September 09, 2007


I paid for these pictures with a dislocated shoulder, fractured nose, multiple bruising and smashed glasses.

All because the Greek riot police (MAT) didn't want me to take photos during a peaceful demonstration.

After being beaten, violently handcuffed( hence the dislocation), I was arrested questioned and later released without charge.


Alexandros^ said...

I hope for a quick recovery. I am really ashamed for their actions!

Anonymous said...

[These cops were really in drugs.]

Have strength dude,
Though not ever wanted
consider these bruises
as medals of good conscience.

Happy to see you back.

a witness.

Oneiros said...

Times like these, I'm deeply ashamed of being Greek and Θεσσαλονικιός. A close relative of mine was also detained for taking pictures -although he was only shooting the empty streets- to be later released, thankfully without incident; but after last year's surge of police brutality in Thessaloniki, I was understandably worried, and with good cause now it seems.

I put your appeal on Buzz, as well as Argos' piece about your plight in his blog. Thessaloniki newspaper also had some related coverage today. It's a good thing there were witnesses, I hope there's at least one blogging lawyer reading all this who's willing to help you. In any case, you're not alone.
I wish you a speedy recovery.

λ:ηρ said...

I join Oneiros and others in offering an apology for the state of our state and its police. I only hope that you take comfort in the fact that you were treated with the same dignity, respect, and sensitivity that the police reserves for citizens of Greece.

θοδωρής said...

The more you talk and write about this latest brutality, the more people will know about it. Keep up the good work and good luck with your case. Yes, you are not alone.

Νίκος said...

I wish you a quick recovery, both physical and emotional. Hope you're able to bring these bullies to justice, for your sake and for the sake of the others that were subjected to the same abuse.

"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

bravo they have done their best,the same as your police doing in your country and in any country of the world!and something else because you are byuiest I think.
if they hit you and cause you injuries why you did not go in a lawyer to sue them accordingly???
because more propably they brutaly say you "no photos" give us a brake if you dont like this country or your job here do not try to find excuses.
or if i am wrong go to lawyer the soonest!!!!!

teacher dude said...

Μη στενοχωιεσαι.Τους κανω μνηνυση και δεν πιστευω οτι η καταγωγη μου παιζει ρολο σε αυτο.

BaTMaN said...

TO: Dimitrios o Taxideytis.
Although you claim that you have traveled a lot (Taxideytis), your disrespectful comment shows that unfortunately your mind had remained limited to the greek - patriotic - close minded way of thinking (bravo, they have done the best)!!Maybe you have to travel a little more and see how things with the police are in other countries and then name yourself "taxideytis". Until then I only pity you for your reply mate.

deviousdiva said...

It's amazing that what happened to you TD has led to some of the most disrespectful and ignorant comments I have ever seen on your blog.

As you see as well, you have much more support than nastiness.

Stay strong. Thanks for posting the pictures too.

λ:ηρ said...

@ταξιδευτής: ντροπή σου. Κι αν δεν καταλαβαίνεις γιατί, δύο φορές ντροπή σου.

A man is taking pictures, the police dont like him taking picturs, and they beat the living lights out of him. What legitimize the police to act like this? Nothing? Their behavior is inexcusable, illegal, and goes counter to all values our country is supposed to be standing for.

Unfortunately our skin has thickened so much over the years that we cannot recognize the illegality of the police brutality. Your comments prove that.

Anonymous said...

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surfmadpig said...

I just came here, through a link in another blog. It's really terrible what happened to you. I'm also in Thessaloniki, and some four years ago a cop asked me to delete some photos of an almost empty street with a police car waaay back on it. Those were easier times though - I can't believe my city has changed so much in the last ten years, especially the police presence. I remember how it all started in '99... Anyway, I hope you recover soon and sue the bastards successfully. Take care.

maria_pin said...

Hi Teacherdude! Just found out, browsing the Guardian and imagine my surprise, when I was reading the piece! The minute I read "photographer" and "Thessaloniki" I immediately thought of you!

What a shame! Many of us who lived in Thessaloniki as students know how rough it can be taking part in demonstrations- watch yourself next time, and don't give in!

You are a brilliant photographer and I love your blog!

Get well soon!