Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm off to the public prosecutor here in Thessaloniki to press charges over my attack and arrest on Saturday.Wish me luck.


dorapap said...

Good for you! Good luck!

itelli said...

All the best, from the bottom of my heart. U'll need plenty of patience with them eejits but... don't give up. If u need help with anything, i'd be more than happy to contribute in any way u ask.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Craig,

Mum and me have sat down again today to read your Blog.

pressing charges is the best thing you can do, dont forget to use the Wherlock stubborn streak, and stick to your guns! Mum said if nothing else just to clear your name!

Mum and Kenny

exiled said...

Good luck and don't give up!

Anonymous said...

you bet you should press charges to these pigs.take them to court,it's the only language they understand!
Don't give up!