Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Vodafone can go to hell

I've just changed my mobile phone service, finally. The final straw for me was Vodafone's shameless support of the Mubarak regime and the way in which they allowed their network to be used to incite violence against those Egyptians who wish their country to have a more democratic government.

It wasn't just that, of course the massive tax evasion by Vodafone in the UK, phone tapping scandals in Greece and the fact that that the company offers a poor service at exorbitant prices proved to be a fatal combination.


Anonymous said...

I agree with most of your points, however, there is a clause in Egyptian law that enables the government to broadcast "emergency messages" and shut down the mobile infrastructure, Vodafone have no choice in the matter....

teacher dude said...

How little legal defences have moved on over the last decades. In 1945 Nazi officials and soldiers claimed "I was only following orders (The Superior Orders tactic). How exactly is that different to the line "there is a clause" which is now being used.

As a result of Vodafone sending out those messages people were killed. No matter how you pose it the company is, in part ethicaly responsible for those deaths.

Of course Vodafone could also use the Columian Cartel Defence "if we don't do it, someone else will".