Saturday, February 12, 2011

Employees of the Agelioforos and Makedonia newspapers protest wage cuts in Thessaloniki, Greece

Management of the newspapers are attempting to reduce pay by between 25 and 40%. In protests employees marched through the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city yesterday morning.

The newspaper industry in Greece is, like so many other places in crisis with falling sales and an uncertain future. However, unlike other countries the main problem is not so much competition from the internet as with falling advertising revenues caused by a shrinking economy.

On the other the quality of journalism in many papers is poor and people are less and less willing to pay for reporting that is often little more than rehashed party political PR and overly reverential interviews with those in power. The media in general is viewed by many as being unreliable and beholden to powerful political and business interests (see here for survey carried out by GPO) . Less the fourth estate than the propaganda wing of the PASOK and New Democracy parties along with those businessmen who support them.

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