Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gordon Brown accepts his ABC award for best newcomer on West Wing

Following hot on the heels of Hugh Laurie, Gordon Brown has taken the now well trodden path from British stage to Hollywood screen. Brown's guest appearance on the revival of the 90's classic TV drama, West Wing was enough to get him this year's ABC award for best newcomer.

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How Gordon Brown paid West Wing Writers $40,000 for 'tailoring' speech

"Gordon Brown's speech to the US Congress in March earned no fewer than 19 standing ovations, a congratulatory call from President Obama and plaudits for its command of global economics and rousing call to action.

What American politicians did not know at the time was that at least some of it was the work of a Washington-based speechwriting company called West Wing Writers – which charged the prime minister $7,000 (£4,300) for its services."

The Guardian

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