Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trafigura / Carter - Ruck enter the Oxford English Dictionary

The next few months will prove to be an interesting time as far as oil trading company Trifigura and the law firm Carter-Ruck are concerned. After their failed attempt to gag the Guardian from reporting the proceedings of the British parliament, a legal action unprecedented in modern UK legal history, it seems that the Oxford English Dictionary is likely to have a number of new entries to next year's edition. Let me humbly suggest a couple of examples;

Main Entry: 1 Cluster - ruck
Pronunciation: \ˈkləs-tər - ˈrək\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: derived from legal firm of Peter Cluster - Ruck
Date: 2009

1 : a collision of several unfortunate incidents happening all at once

2 : awful legal advice leading to public ridicule.

RUBAR , adj

Main Entry: 1Ru-bar
Pronunciation: \"ru-bər\
Function: adjective
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Rucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Prob derivative FUBAR.
Date: 2009

1 : a situation caused by excessive use of legal measures in order to obtain a dubious result which reflects badly on those involved.

2 : lack of judgement leading to PR disaster.

Trafigurated, adj

Main Entry: 1 tra-fi-gu-rat-ed
Pronunciation: \ˈtra - fi - grə - atəd\
Function: adjective
Usage: derogatory
Etymology: derived from oil trading company Trifigura
Date: 2009

1 : to be publicly held to ridicule due to overweening arrogance

2 : to be in dire straits as a result of previous choices.

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