Thursday, September 03, 2009

Picture from the bomb attack in Thessaloniki, Greece

The bomb was planted behind a defunct telephone junction box outside the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace and went off early this morning, one hour after a larger device exploded outside Athens stock exchange.

Unlike the explosion in the capital the one here resulted in just a few smashed windows and no injuries. However, I'm sure a few egos were bruised as the security in the city had been stepped up recently in anticipation of the visit by the prime minister to open the annual trade fair. Though quite how the police hope to fight terrorism by endlessly drinking coffee, looking tough on street corners (mirror shades are de rigueur) and zooming up and down the main streets on motorbikes is beyond me.

On the other hand, the forensics guys work quickly here as there was no sign of any activity around the site when I went there midday.

I was asked to talk about what I had seen and give my impressions on was happening by the BBC World Service yesterday.


xarasa said...

It's danger... If that bomb explode so many person can be died... That scary...
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teacher dude said...

This attack was very limited. A couple of 10 year olds with catapults could have caused more damage.