Friday, February 20, 2009

Riot police sent in to quell Greek carnival disturbances

Teenager block Mitropoleos St on Tsiknopempti

Greek riot police were deployed against teenagers who had blocked roads in the centre of Greece's second city, Thessaloniki last night during Carnivali celebrations, the Greek Orthodox equivalent of Mardi Gras.

Hundreds of teenagers burned garbage bins, let off fireworks and hurled objects at the platoons of riot police on duty in the centre of the port city. The officers accompanied fire engines which quickly doused the fires in Mitropoleos St.

Traditionally, Tsiknopempti or "Burnt Thursday" marks the countdown to the start of Lent for Greek Orthodox Christians and is celebrated by fancy dress parties and carnivals across the country. However, the usually raucous atmosphere was more charged than previous years, a reflection that the effects of the riots and protests that swept Greece in December and January following the police shooting of a 15 year old are still being felt.

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sapphire said...

Some redicullus anarchist attacked to the police!this is the truth and not that you said!
Second Tsiknopempti is not the beginning of the Saint and Holy Lent and is not a celebration by the church,is a costum,because according to the Orthodox Church thies is the last week before Easter that can we eat meat.The other week can is allowed to eat foods with milk.The beginning of the Holy Lent is the Monday after the other Sunday,the Sunday of the Cheeseeating.It is called the Monday of Catharsis (Purgration) and not Clear Monday as some said (the word kathara and kathari in greek is not the same)