Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Afghanistan surge ? Sir, No Sir.

With the US about to send another 17,000 more ground troops to Afghanistan to add to the 36,000 already there it seems appropriate to remind ourselves that in the past ordinary people fought against such foreign adventures and brought them to a halt by just saying no.

David Ziegler's 2005 documentary, Sir, No Sir traces the grass root movement amongst GIs to stop the war in Vietnam. As they say themselves

"Sir, No Sir tells the long suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam. This is the story of one of the most vibrant and widespread upheavals of the 1960’s- one that had a profound impact on American society yet has been virtually obliterated from the collective memory of that time."

To see the whole film click on the image below.

And to find out about a similar movement in the Greek military check out the Diktios Spartakos network. It's in Greek but you can translate this into English using Google translation tools.


sapphire said...
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sapphire said...

In general I am against the imerialistic american and british policy but in this case I don't know!Of course they invated in Afganistan NOT to bring "democracy" and other propagandistic phrases that they use (but only for their inerest!) but if the westerm troops loose then this country will be again uder the control of Talibans and the people will suffer again and especial women.Maybe a war is not necessery and if really want to bring democracy in countries like Afganistan they could use other ways like the "soft power",which was used by americans and british in Greece many times and is still in use to bring down our goverment and to bring give the power to the american and antigreek George Papandreou

Anonymous said...

Spartakos Network (Diktio Spartakos) is most definately not an equivalent. It actively fighting against the very existence of a conscript army and opposed to the concept of armies altogether.