Saturday, January 31, 2009

New cabinet reshuffle in Greece?

Faced by growing popular dissatifaction and falling opinion poll results, leader of the ruling New Democracy party, Kostas Karamanlis is said to be contemplating his second major cabinet reshuffle in a matter of months. Sources close to the prime minister say that Karamanlis is considering a radical restructuring of the government to bring in new talent to deal with the country’s worsening econmic position and get to grips with the challenges thrown up by the continuing worldwide financial crisis.

Although yet to be confirmed, Athens mayor, Nikitas Kaklamnis is said to be a sure bet as the next Minister of the Environment. Given his experience with handling ecological matters and sensitivies over green issues, Kakalmanis is thought to be the perfect replacement for Giorgos Sofoulias. However, the global nature of the problems facing Greece potential candidates from outside the country’s borders mean that others from wider afield are being considered.

Moves have been made via diplomatic connections in Tehran to invite, Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to take over at the Ministry for National Education and Religious Affairs. News of the talks came to light in the national press after video surfaced on Youtube and quickly spread throughout the Greek language blogosphere.

Even more dramatic are the negotiations being quietly held in New York between the Greek government and Bernard Madoff, ex - Wall Street financier to take over the reins at the Ministry of Economics and Finance. High ranking officials in Athens say that Madoff’s particular skill set would be a perfect addition to the cabinet and that he would be the ideal man for the government’s attempts at reforming the economy.

Rumours that the charasmatic North Korean leader, Kim Il-sung., is to replace present foreign minister, Dora Bakoyainni have not yet been officially denied according to local media sources.

Warning: This report has a high satire content and is not recommended to people with a low tolerence to humour. Side effects include spontaneous laughter, smirking and wry smiles. Please consult your doctor if symptoms persist.


Theodosios said...

For a west country long haired commoner you are a funny dude,dude. Almost got me there!! :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

nice to see you back in the saddle.