Friday, March 28, 2008

Olympic flame leaves Thessaloniki

Smile, Big Brother loves you.

"Amidst tight security and accusations by journalists of state sanctioned censorship the Olympic flame reached Thessaloniki, the Greece’s second city.However, the controversy and protests that dogged the flame’s lighting ceremony in Olympia were repeated when police detained and arrested demonstrators last night attempting to approach Aristotelous square, the flames eventual destination."

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sobraluz said...

Στο καλό να πάει και να μην ξαναγυρίσει! Δυστυχώς τα αγγλικά μου δεν μου είναι αρκετά όταν θυμώνω.The hypocrisy of the-so called- Olympic Games must stop. The whole thing is a same for the truth and the history.Down with the Nazi ceremonies ,at last!