Monday, February 18, 2008

A fugitive from justice

At long last my case against the riot police who attacked me in September simply for taking photos during a peaceful demonstration has shown signs of life. After spending a couple of months amassing evidence (including a doctor's report of my injuries that ran to more than two pages) I filed suit in December. This morning I found this taped to the front door of the apartment I live in.


Basically, it's a call to appear at the central police station within 48 hours or as it says I'll be taken there forcibly and fined the grand, if prosaic, sum of 14.67 Euros. Just one problem the date underneath is 18/01/2007 so technically I'm an outlaw subject to violent detention if caught.


Looks like I made a mistake in my translation as I have to go to the central courts and not the police station (got my megaros/halls mixed up). Phew!!!!!!!!!

For a full account of what happened click here.

For photos click here.


Wherlock's Ramblings! said...

Hi Craig,

Mum and me have just read your post. Why do you have appear before the police? I dont seem to understand why they have left that on your door.


teacher dude said...

My mistake. I have to go the central courts to testify. The piece of paper is a summons.

Wherlock's Ramblings! said...

So its gone to court, and you have to give evidence?