Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back from court

Off to court

Just got back from court. It was a simple procedure in that all I had to do was tell a court official that everything I wanted to say was in the testimony I had already filed. The only thing they asked was if I had any more information on the names of the riot cops (MAT) who attacked me and since they refuse to reveal names, even to the ombudsman I had to say no. The reasons they gave for this refusal range from the absurd to the downright childish.

Interestingly, I saw in their reply to the ombudsman the reason why they choose me. It appears that

"προκλητικα και κατ' επαναληψη τους φωτογραφιζε τις κινησεις τους"

Meaning, I repeatedly and provocatively (?) photographed their movements. I never knew the goon squad was made up of such sensitive types.


toomanytribbles said...

despicable... you were provocatively and repeatedly... taking pictures. how dare you?

maybe you should consider renaming your blog to 'the provocative photographer'.

dorapap said...

I liked the word "provocative" very much!! At least you did what you had to...

melusina said...

Well, at least the case is being heard. Their statement doesn't seem like enough to support how they treated you. Does it go to a trial now?

deviousdiva said...

Good luck as always.