Friday, November 30, 2007


Demonstration, originally uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ.

I'm ashamed of this picture as it was the only one I took during a demonstration outside the central court in Thessaloniki. I was in there filing suit against the riot police who'd beat me in September. Just as I finished with all the bureaucratic stuff I heard the familiar chants of a demonstration.I rushed out to see people protesting , and as usual pulled out my camera and walked into the crowd.

This time it was different. Those there immediately warned me not to take their picture and gave look that would make a corpse freeze. I moved on and then saw that on the other side was the riot police and the local media hiding behind them. I wanted to capture the scene but I couldn't without ensuring the wrath of those on both sides who hate the media.

I failed and I hid.


dorapap said...

Sometimes you have to protect yourself too! Your photography is fantastic but you shouldn't sarcrifice yourself doing that...

teacher dude said...

Your right, of course. I just lost my nerve and it really bugged me.

exskindiver said...

you were beat up?
i am so sorry to hear about this.
hope all is well.
your photos are deep as usual.