Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nuturing talent

Lydia asked to borrow my camera and with heart in mouth I handed over my newly acquired toy. I only give her two pieces of advice;

1 - Take black and white.
2 - Get as close as you can to the thing you're photographing (Robert Capa would be proud).

Here are the results (with just a little tweaking on the computer).

Lydia is seven years old.As you can see with the right direction young learners are capable of so much more than we usually give them credit for.


melusina said...

Wow! Both those photographs are spectacular. I guess she has learned from her dad!

teacher dude said...

All I do is tell her which of her photos I like and why when she shows me them. The rest is up to her.

Still, "To milo epese kato apo tin milia". A chip off the old block.

Cheryl said...

It's the truth, my 4yr old daughter and 3yr old son can navigate their way on the pc or laptop, because we LET them. Sure they have abused the keypad from time to time, but now they know better. :) I know far too many parents that are afraid to have their children make mistakes.
It's great that you are so supportive and encouraging!

teacher dude said...

All you have to do is show a little trust and you can achieve miracles.

kineta said...

Hi Craig,

It looks like Liddy, has found a new talent! Mum love's the pic of you.

A little bit of trust goes along way with a child, Maisie uses my camera more than me. She can take some good pics (and ones of her feet!) Most of all she enjoys doing it.

love kenny