Sunday, October 15, 2006

Local elections in Greece

Today we have local elections across Greece (see here for a good explanation of how the system works) and there is a carnival atmosphere in the neighbourhood as the local polling station is in the school opposite. The roads are full of people, dressed up in their Sunday best off to vote. Unlike the UK, voting here is compulsory and unless you transfer your voting rights you are obliged to vote in your place of birth. Since people are given a day or two off from work, they often treat elections as an opportunity to visit family and friends in the villages.

A far as Thessaloniki is concerned it seems that Il Duce will be re-elected, sigh.

Me and Lydia, however, are making biscuits. They've just come out of the oven and we're impatiently waiting for them to cool down. They smell delicious.


melusina said...

Looks like someone couldn't wait!

teacher dude said...

I don't think the biscuits will see another dawn LOL.

dorapap said...

It's a good thing that it was a sunny day! At least we enjoyed a walk at the beach! Are there any cookies left for us?

teacher dude said...

We'll bake another batch, just for you.