Sunday, October 15, 2006

Looking at the brighter side of famine, sickness and disaster

I came across Bono acceptance speech at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment, Design) awards. Whether you like his music or not the man has a gift for eloquence which I had never realised. He talks about what we, in the rich countries of the world can do to help Africa. I won't go into too much detail about the points he makes as you can click on the link and see the video for yourself.

"The problems facing the developing world afford us in the developed world a chance to redescribe ourselves to the world. We will not only transform other peoples' lives, but we will also transform the way those other lives see us, and that might be smart in these nervous, dangerous times."

Bono 2005

See here for the full transcript

For more information check out the site.


dorapap said...

I know that he has done a lot to help people in poor countries. I admire him very much, both as a man and as a musician.

teacher dude said...

Check out his speech, it really is inspirational.

Pinkinha said...


Bono is with no doubt a great man.

Kisses from Portugal

teacher dude said...

A really beautiful speech as well. Thanks for the comment. Greetings from Greece, right back at you.