Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sudden interest

Does anyone know anything about a place called Langley, Virginia? Judging by my hit counter there seems to a lot of teachers interested in EFL there. Alternatively, they could just be really into barbeques. Sorry guys, I'm fresh out of recipes LOL.


melusina said...

Langley is where the FBI/CIA training schools are.

I'm sure there are other things there too, but that is what it is famous for.

teacher dude said...

To tell you the truth I know that. This was just a joke. Anyhow I've learnt all about American geography from the movies.

I know for example that the USA is basically divided into three regions; California, New York and the bit in the middle where everyone drives a tractor and has a grain silo in their back yard. LOL

melusina said...

4 regions - you forgot that Texas is its own country.