Thursday, May 25, 2006

Summer storms

There's a storm heading this way, according to the local tv channel they are already telling the fishing boats at sea in the Thermaikos Gulf to high tail it back to port. It reminds me a bit of the end of Terminator. All we need is the dramatic drum - based music booming off in the distance instead of the thunder that seems to be steadily approaching.

You know that old cliche, "The atmosphere was electric.". Well, I can see where it came from. The sky has that weird intensity which I associate with storms.

It's just started raining and I hope the city will cool down, it hit 35c today in the centre, where I happened to be. One of my private students was getting ready to take the interview part of her FCE exams. I'm glad to say that she came out of the British council building smiling and happy with her performance in the test.


melusina said...

It was a great storm, it seems to have cooled things off. It has been way too hot the past couple of days, I guess that is what I get for bragging about the nice weather.

I love that Thessaloniki has all these spring/early summer storms like I was used to in the south. In some parts of Greece, between march and october you almost get no rain at all. I like a good storm now and then.

teacher dude said...

The atmosphere is much cooler and clearer today. That sudden rise in temperature had hit me for six.