Thursday, May 25, 2006

OK, I'm now officially freaked out

Sometimes you come across stuff on the internet so strange that it takes your breath away, things that seemed until recently to belong to the realms of science fiction or at least very glossy Hollywood movie productions. One of the add-ons/plug-ins/widgets, (whatever they are called) that I added to my blog was Geovisitors, which shows where in the world your visitors are. What I didn't discover until just a few days ago that you can then zoom in on that visitor using Google Earth, something I find a little spooky to tell you the truth. Depending on the resolution of the satellite pictures you can even see what building the visitor was in !

Well, if that wasn't revelation enough, I zoomed in on a visitor from Moscow (see photo above) only to find that they were located within the walls of the Kremlin! It doesn't get much stranger than this. Of course, I know that the Cold War has been over for many years and that the KGB no longer exists, but for someone of my generation the fact that the Kremlin is taking an interest in your affairs creates a strange frission.

Of course this could less the start of an international conspiracy which I have accidently stumbled upon than some guy in the Russian parliament building idly looking for a killer bbq sauce recipe LOL.


melusina said...

See, and now you are getting a bunch of hits from Langley.

I think I hear the X-Files theme.

teacher dude said...

Well, we all know that the X-files series was an attempt by the powers that be to muddy the waters concerning the real alien collaboration story. LOL

"Craig, it's time take your medication."

"Yes, doctor, I promise I'll be good this time."