Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unpaid for three months - shop assistants in Fokas department storeprotest

Employees at the Fokas department stores, one of the most well-known retail outlets in Greece taking part in a 24 hour strike over unpaid wages dating back to June.

In addition according to Union of Shop Workers, the company is in the process of replacing full time positions with part time ones paying just 200 Euros a month for a 20 hour week.

(200 euros a month is just enough to cover rent on a modest one room apartment in the poorest parts of Thessaloniki.)

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Alana Gorecki said...

A 24 hour-strike probably gained them sympathy and exposure. I hope they did file a lawsuit though. It is still the best action to be done. But no matter what, I hope the management of the store realized that it can’t get away with denying the workers what they rightfully deserve. It is still under the rights of the employees to receive proper compensation, no matter what problems the business is currently facing, after all.