Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 - SYRIZA is to blame. ΦΤΑΙΕΙ Ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

Forget Mayan predictions for the end of the world, according to much of the Greek mainstream press, the rise of the Radical Left Coalition (or SYRIZA as it is known in Greek) presages the end of western civilisation as we know it.

To listen to some accounts you would think that the country hasn't been in such dire peril since the Visigoths came rampaging down the Balkan peninsula in 378AD.

Foreign reporting has hardly been much better with dire warning that Athens, Europe and in some case even the entire world economy teeters on the brink of collapse, brought there by the possibility of SYRIZA gaining power and keeping their campaign pledge to re-negotiate the terms of the country's bailout pact.

In such an atmosphere of hyperbole and exaggeration the phrase "Ftaiei, o SYRIZA" (SYRIZA is to blame) has become something of a insider's joke for Greek commentators on the internet.

However, behind the humour lies the fact that Greek voters have been subjected to a long and often dirty media campaign to scare them into voting for parties who have promised to abide by the terms set down by the EU and IMF. It is hoped that such fear mongering will bring them back into the fold and reduce support for parties opposed to yet more austerity.

To a certain extent is seems to be working as the conservative New Democracy party has risen in the polls, but also so has SYRIZA, whose dogged determination not to bow to international pressure has won it support from those disgusted with the endless machinations of more mainstream parties.

For those who do not speak Greek, the parody video above shows a wife finding her husband in bed with her best friend. The husband, taken by surprise comes up with a series of lame explanations before hitting upon one that works, "SYRIZA is to blame". She slaps him across the face before accepting his apology.


ariadne said...

I loved the video! And laughed so much although things aren't to be laughed at!Are there people who really believe that for everything SYRIZA is to be blamed?
Did you hear Adonis Georgiadis saying today that all the old PASOK and friends of Tsohatzopoulos have gone to SYRIZA?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I hear ten times as often the supposed inside joke 'SYRIZA is to blame' as I hear actual criticism of SYRIZA. If you exclude the mutual blame-game in which all parties engage in a pre-election campaign, the 'Yia ola ftaiei o SYRIZA' joke has been flogged to death to such an extent that it really does look more like a SYRIZA spin on the criticism it's been receiving, turned into part of the party's own campaign. I guess that this is what all parties do, try to invent various ways of winning support, but I'm as terminally bored with the constant attempts to portray SYRIZA as a cross between Robin Hood and Spartacus as I am with Samaras's constant attempts to portray himself as a very unlikely messiah. He could try donning a pair of sandals and a robe, at least. And Tsipras might try some green tights or something.