Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Greeks dress up for Carnival.

Fires in the street, loud explosions go off every few seconds and the place is full of people wearing masks. No, not a riot, but rather the Greek Carnivali in which people wear fancy dress, dance, drink and celebrate the last day before Orthodox Lent begins.

This year I found myself in a small, picturesque village in central Greece, visiting my daughter and her mother who have recently moved from Thessaloniki to be be closer to their family there and hoping to find a way of making a living, something that has become more and more difficult in the country's urban areas.

Economic woes aside, people took comfort in the plethora of traditions Greece still retains and for a while forgot all their worries and just laughed, danced and enjoyed the moment.


ariadne said...

Great pic!And it is Carnavali!AriadnefromGreece!

Simon Baddeley said...

‘Hellas, once first among nations, what asses we are now’ written on the back of a de-sexed Carnival King, thus with derisive laughter, shouting and oompapa music, marched this year’s most self-critical of village carnivals; irreverent as ever, innocent fun for the very young mixed, with scathing mockery of Greece and Greeks; sprinkled with flour a phalanx of young bakers and cooks pranced happily along mingling with men and women dressed as militia holding toy machine pistols, some dressed in plastic military helmets, wearing swastika armbands their faces decorated with toothbrush moustaches, waving whips marching behind a white donkey stumbling under the weight of a man with the blackened face and hands of a chimney sweep.


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