Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live from Syntagma Square

Just arrived in Athens and now along with 400 other protesters from Thessaloniki we're in Syntagma Square which looks a lot like a warzone, with used ordinance on the ground and broken windows throughout the area. There is a very strong police presence with who knows how many riot police platoons in the vacinity. Also the place absolutely stinks of tear gas, enough to bring tears to almost all those who marched into the square, hate to think what those who got te full dose of chemical warfare yesterday went through. One reliable soiurce on Twitter spoke of 270 people badly affectd by gas. The first thing I'm going to do when the stores open is buy a gas mask, no way Maalox on its own can deal with so much tear gas.

I'll also try to keep updates coming either here or via Twitter.


betabug said...

Welcome to the thunderdome!

Yesterday there was teargas in the 1st aid station and in the metro station.

Myself I "missed" the worst part, but I saw some badly shaken people when I went by in the evening. The people still stand though, which gives me hope.

Matthew A said...

I'll continue to keep watching your excellent blog, Teacher Dude.

Another Tina said...

Take a look.