Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photographs and video from Greek anti-government march on 23rd February 2011 - Thessaloniki.

Injured Greek marcher helped by protesters after police attack.

Greek police motorcycle units used to chase and intimidate marchers in anti-government demonstration - Thessaloniki, Greece

More pictures and video from the marches that accompanied the general strike last week. The person taking the video was also attacked by police officers who often employed batons and tear gas indiscriminately to break up the march. In addition to this the riot police also made extensive use of military grade ordinance which is intended for special forces anti-terrorist operations in the form of the N591 stun grenade. This is the third occasion (I've witnessed this in the last year alone. See here and here for the previous two instances).

At 8 mins 20 sec you can see footage of the police attacking the camera operator as they tried to film the arrest of a demonstrator. I also saw uniformed officers clubbing marchers on Tsimiski Street who had not been involved in any acts of violence and clearly posed them no threat.

The video was originally posted on the We Are Change Greece website which has a description of the events shown in Greek and English.

Another video from the Antipliroforisi (Anti-misinformation) site from the same demo showing police using tear gas, flash greandes and motorcycles to stampede demonstrators along the main street in Thessaloniki.