Friday, December 03, 2010

Bring Me The Head of Julian Assange - Gordon Brown's latest blockbuster

"The US embassy in London wrote off Gordon Brown within a year of his arrival in No 10 after concluding that an "abysmal track record" had left him lurching from "political disaster to disaster", according to cables released by WikiLeaks.

In a scathing assessment of the former prime minister, George Bush's last ambassador to London blamed Brown for presiding over a "post-Blair rudderlessness" which prompted senior Labour figures to complain of their despair to the embassy."


Jazzie Casas said...

I'm loving the work of Assange, thankfully Wikileaks is too big to just 'disappear' and hopefully he can continue to expose the dirty secrets of governments and big business.

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Edwin Smith said...

Julian Assange is really intelligent. Because he can collect informative information very easily . But Sometimes it's very harmful to the country.