Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off to the Big City

So what does one do on a visit to the nation's capital? Take in the sights, hit the museums, perhaps just enjoy the night life? Or take in a demonstration or two? Yesterday I was in Athens for a job interview so I spent most the night on a coach which dropped me in the capital at 6.30 am, which, believe it or not is a great time to arrive in the city. The weather was great, the streets relatively quiet and so I had the chance to kill time before my midday appointment walking through the Plaka district, taking in views of the Acropolis at dawn and to get ready for the protest marches set to start at 10am. Always like to mix business and pleasure, you see.

Greek trade unions organise general strike and marches nationwide

So after marching along with the PAME trade unionists who were demonstrating against the government's latest hair brained scheme to cut costs (Pensions? Who needs thems?) and make firing employees easier (Yep, with close on a million out of work sacking people is apparently so difficult that PASOK has given employers a helping hand). The march was a peaceful affair and wound its way through the centre and passed by the Greek parliament under the watchful eye of enough police manpower to pacify Somalia.

Then, much in the manner of Clark Kent I transformed myself back into my daytime persona of a mild mannered teacher, complete with tie and shiny shoes to go to the interview. Not sure if I got the job but fingers crossed.


Just found out that I got the job. Once again the wolf at the door goes hungry. Let's hope the rest of summer is as good.


Argos said...

congrats, this means that you are moving down?

teacher dude said...

No, the job is a part-time one, based here in Thessaloniki. So you haven't got rid of me yet. LOL.

artemis said...

well ! nice ! we get to keep you here- i was just thinking "oh what a shame, teacherdude will be sending us his reportage from the Athens demonstrations from now on!"