Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anti-government protests - Thessaloniki, Greece 27/04/2010

In Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki about 1000 demonstrators marched through the street with some groups calling for the country's withdraw from the Eurozone. In tense scenes outside a government compound riot police used batons, tear gas and flash grenades to break up crowds who gathered to protests the attempted detention of two youth spraying graffiti on the walls of the building.

Greek riot police ready to go into action

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Anonymous said...

Leave the Eurozone? What is the preferred currency? The North Korean Won, the Zimbabwean Dollar or the Somali Shilling?

Good news for environmentalists though - it would be a pretty effective means of getting all the cars and 4x4s off the road as you wouldn't be able to buy a spoonful of petrol with a suitcase of New Drachma notes. Not such good news for employment of course...

Marx would be pulling his beard out in despair.

Ole grumpy