Monday, October 19, 2009

King Nicolas II (the commoner formally known as Jean Sarkozy) - A chip off the old block

"L'├ętat c'est moi - et ma famille."

"The term banana republic has been used by a couple of French friends in reaction to the news from Paris this week. They were referring to the high-handed way that France's ruler and his caste have been behaving in two or three current matters.The latest involves an astonishing act of nepotism by Nicolas Sarkozy. His barons are about to elevate Jean Sarkozy, the President's 23-year-old, undergraduate son, to a powerful and prized executive post."

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abravanel said...

They served you right to beat you last time - Sarkozy is OUR guy. Psomiadis has proposed him to become an honorary citizen, he's Salonican and the Jews of the city love him, (imagine the Community sharing tastes with Psomiadis - that alone is worth every penny).

I'm sorry but Sarkozy goes with the whole package: the salonikio koulouri, PAOK, me se te, the thick "l" etc

ps. I have a screenshot from this comment's security word being "sions". God Want It!