Friday, September 25, 2009

Greek far right hold anti - foreigner rally in central Athens

The video was taken at a right wing rally in the central Athens neighbourhood of Aghios Panteliminos which has seen several clashes between racist groups and immigrants. Under the guise of protecting the square, far right parties have been using the issue to further their anti-foreigner agenda. They shouted slogans such as;

"Greece belongs to the Greeks"


"Foreigners out of Greece."


Souvlaki Greece said...

I can't take Greece seriously when I see people like this. Greece is a souvlaki and tzadziki nation! The sad part is that most Greeks think like this people do, albeit they may not be as vocal.

Theodosios said...

I am sure you can find mindless, violent thugs even in places like Luxembourgh. Probably it says more about extreme views in society in general than Greece in particular. Good thing that these guys were caught on video.