Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who speaks for Earth?- An ESL/EFL lesson plan

Inspired by Carl Sagan's seminal 80's TV series, Cosmos and the recent remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Lesson Plan

1 Ask students if they have seen The Day The Earth Stood Still. Divide the class into those who have and have not. Those who have seen the film work together on how to explain the plot of the film in English, those who haven't, write down a list of questions to ask.

2 Form groups of three and four with members from both sides and get them to swap information.

3 Show the trailer for the movie.

4 Now explain that the human race has been called upon to defend itself in some kind of galactic court and that 12 people will be chosen to represent our species. The student's task is to decide how to choose the representatives. Will the selection be based on nationality, education, religious affiliation, random choice ?

5 The groups present the reasons for their choices and then the class decides on a method which everyone can agree on.

6 For homework students work on our case. What can be said in our defence?

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