Monday, March 23, 2009

American film maker beaten by ultra - nationalists

An American documentary film maker was attacked and beaten during a political rally last night in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki. The critic and film maker was visiting the city in order to attend a documentary film festival and was passing by the rally by the far right LAOS party in the central Agias Sophias square when he was set upon by 8 to 10 ultra-nationalists carrying iron bars and clubs who according to police reports, were most likely party supporters. According to the victim's account the attack was probably provoked by the fact that the assailants thought he was a photographer.

Click here for report from the Makedonia newspaper in Greek.


sobraluz said...

Το παρακράτος υπάρχει ακόμη και κυβερνά. Για το κράτος δεν είμαι καθόλου σίγουρη.

Anonymous said...

Ε,και τι εγινε ρε τητσερ?
ειδηση ειναι αυτη;
Τα φιλαρακια σου οι αναρχικοι ξερεις ποσους δημοσιογραφους εχουν χτυπησει;

Anonymous said...

anonymous apo pano: psofa.
teacher dude: who was it? did it have anything to do with his film?

teacher dude said...

For more details check out this blog.

Margaret Thatcher said...

Μάστορα Teacher, δε μας τα λες καλά. Δίκιο έχει ο 10:13. Όλο ψέγεις τους "ultra-nationalists" αλλά γιά τα καθάρματα με τις πεντάλφες ούτε λέξη, έτσι;

Από πότε οι εγγλέζοι είναι φιλο-αναρχικοί;

Anonymous said...

Thatcher dude kalon ypno..

o meligalas itane proponisi