Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sin City Salonika

Sin City Salonika

"Ποινή φυλάκισης 12 μηνών με τριετή αναστολή επέβαλε το Τριμελές Εφετείο Θεσσαλονίκης στο νομάρχη Παναγιώτη Ψωμιάδη, κρίνοντάς τον ένοχο για το αδίκημα της παράβασης καθήκοντος.

Η υπόθεση αφορούσε μείωση προστίμου σε πρατήριο υγρών καυσίμων -πρόστιμο το οποίο είχε επιβάλει προκάτοχος του κ. Ψωμιάδη."

Panagiotis Psomiadis, leader of the Thessaloniki county council (prefecture) has been found guilty of neglect of duty and sentenced to a suspended sentence of 12 months. The conviction came after Psomiadis was accused of reducing a 89,000 euro fine imposed on a gas station owner for adulterating fuel to 5000.


κούνελος said...

i'm wondering, who votes for him?

sapphire said...

The Thessalonicians bunny!The people of Thessaloniki!Free and democraticly (in contrast with the leftist established that you support...)!That's was a clearly mistake of him,but is nothing in contrast with the terrorism and disaster of Syriza that you support.And we must not forget that he is the only politician who has open his oficce for everyone and that he is the only politician who cares genuinly fot the immigrants and the other minorities and help them...not like parties like Syriza which only cheat them for micropolitical reason!