Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shooting outside US ambassador's home - Athens

Two shots were fired this morning outside the official residence of American ambassador in Athens. According to local media reports the private security guard assigned to protect the ambassador's home, which is behind the embassy was shot twice by a Greek police officer.

Police spokesperson, Panagiotis Stathis (see here for video) stated that the security guard was leaving the ambassador's home when the officer who was on duty at the entrance to the residence shot at him as he was walking away. As the guard turned round the officer fired once more, hitting him in the throat.

The guard was rushed to hospital where the bullet was removed and the officer placed under arrest. The authorities say that the officer, who joined the force in 1995 has given contradictory explanations as to why the shooting took place.

Ambassador, Daniel Speckhard, who was at home giving a working lunch when the shooting took place was not injured.

The incident couldn't come at a worst time for the Greek police, ELAS already under fire literally and metaphorically since the police shooting of a teenager last December. Yesterday a police station in the Athens suburb of Korydallou was sprayed with bullets by a group claiming to be Revolutionay Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), the third such attack in a month. In addition the police leadership came under heavy criticism when riot police tear gassed the leader of the country's main opposition party during a speech to demonstrating farmers.


sapphire said...

For an other time you said nothing about the new terrorist attack to the police department of Korydallos!As you had said nothing about the serius injured of the young policeman Diamantis Mantzounis!For an other time you support terrorism!

Anonymous said...

the police are not civilians

teacher dude said...

I did write about it;

sapphire said...

But not here...and that's very bad because with your continius support to leftist terrorism you take the antigreek side

sapphire said...

"the police are not civilians" and so what?what that's mean?and Diamantis Mantzounis is not an officer!is only 21 years old young man in police,so stop your dangerous propaganda