Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Top Greek politician tear gassed while giving speech

Giorgos Papandreaou, leader of Greece’s opposition in parliament was tear gassed during a speech in the Greek port of Pireaus this morning.Papandreau, head of the PASOK party was addressing protesting farmers from Crete when riot police fired tear gas into the crowds following clashes between a small group of protesters and the police.

More than 2000 farmers arrived from the Greek island yesterday along with hundreds of tractors in order to march on parliament in protest against the present conservative government’s agricultural policies. However, authorities refused to allow the march which led to use of clashes and two arrests. Although the blockade of the country’s main highways by farmers has eased off over the last day Greece’s land crossings with neighbouring Bulgaria are still closed to most traffic.

Framers responded to yesterday's scenes of violence between farmers and police near Athens by blockading roads in Crete's main cities and occupying government buildings. In addition another 100 farmers and tractors arrived in Pireaus this morning to support those already present.

In common with many other European countries, Greece has experienced a wave of rioting and often violent demonstrations over the last two months as people unhappy with the government’s handling of major issues took to the streets.

Athens, Riga, Paris, Reykjavik and other capitals have been the scenes of sometimes unprecedented clashes between disgruntled citizens and police.

To see video of the event from tvxs.gr clickr here.


sapphire said...

For an other time cheep antigreek and antigoverment propaganda from mr.Dude...The farmers was not 2000 but 150!second,all of them was supporters of the main political party of the opposition PASOK!This "protest" was organised by PASOK clearly for micropolitical reasons!The farmers of all the other greek part are gratified,so why the Cretans are not?this is very suspicious!
Papandreou was not sprayed during a speech (as it is well known he is terrible speaker,he don't know quit good greek,and he is not famous about his genius...)but by an accident when he went to the port to speak with the farmers,of course fe went for political and micropartial reason...

sapphire said...

Crete is the most "green" place of Greece ("green" from the characteristical color of PASOK)and it was the most favorite place of Greece during PASOK's goverment.The "blue" part of Greece,like Macedonia,during the goverment of PASOK was deserted!So the Cretans is better to be silent and to look after their mafia system,for which are very proud...