Sunday, January 04, 2009

Snow in the city

A change of subject. The weather has worsened and it has started snowing heavily in the city. Strange though it sounds, I never so much snow till I came to Greece. To see the forecast for Thessaloniki in English check out the BBC's weather site here.


melusina said...

I never experienced so much snow until I moved to Greece either, especially up here on the mountains outside Thessaloniki. We've had snow on the ground up here since the day after Christmas - it was *almost* gone yesterday, when it started snowing again yesterday evening. I've discovered that up here the difference between rain and being snowed in can happen within a couple of hours!

teacher dude said...

It's strange how the weather can vary from place to place in the same city. I've phoned people to say that it is snowing and they've laughed saying they can see nothing more than drizzle.

dorapap said...

Happy New year!! It didn't snow in Germany while I was there and it snowed here?