Saturday, January 24, 2009

Protests in Athens and Thessaloniki for K.Kouneva

Yesterday protest march were held in Athens to demonstrate against the attack on Labour activist, Konstandina Kouneva who was the victim of an acid attack in December. The 44 year old Bulgarian trade unionist is still in intensive care after having acid thrown in her face and being forced to drink the liquid.

Lawyers representing her say the attack was prompted by her work in exposing an alleged scam by cleaning companies with contracts with the state run organisations which meant that the mainly foreign born work force received slave wages.

Protests turned violent as some demonstrators attacked the ministry of labour headquarters and clashed with riot police. Despite hopes that last year's violent confrontations have died down, the marches demonstrate that popular anger has not been extinguished.

Picture from the Thursday's march in Thessaloniki attended by between 600 and 800 people.

In addition travel in Greece is slowly being brought to a halt as protesting farmers have blocked road junctions, ports and airports across the country in protest over low prices and government agricultural policies.See here for a video report from Reuters.

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