Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joking while Rome burns

The massive wave of protests and riots which started in Greece last December was sparked off, in part by the widely held impression that the present ruling party, New Democracy is both incompetent and deeply corrupt. I keep on seeing the same kind of accusations levellled at the government in Iceland which has presided over the worst financial crisis in the country's modern history.

However, the popular anger felt by many people over how their own political elites have allowed the current situation to spiral out of control has also spread to other places such as Riga and probably will not stop there as unemployment and poverty starts to affect other Europeans.

The latest in-joke from Ireland:

"What’s the difference between Iceland and Ireland?

Answer: One letter and about six months.”

The latest joke from Greece

What's the difference between the present government and the boy scouts?

The boys scouts have adult leadership.


sapphire said...
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sapphire said...

Why are you still here?Go now to North Ireland to support the irish struggle against the english revolutioner!

sapphire said...

Viva IRA's revolution!

teacher dude said...

You chose the wrong example. I'm half Irish. Many of my mother's family took part in these anti-imperialist struggles.

sapphire said...

So continue your mother's family tradition and go there to rebirth the revolution!