Monday, December 08, 2008

Speaking to CNN

Riots in Thessaloniki - Greece

Well, that was nerve wracking. I just got interviewed over the phone by somebdy for CNN while it was broadcast live. It didn't help that my antiquated phone seem to choose this particular time to start to act up.

They asked if I had seen anything like the current situation. I told them that whilst violent confrontations are nothing new I have never seen this level of violence and never for so long. Usually, these protests end after a day.

Also the reporter wanted to know what those protesting wanted. I think that what is happening can't be seen in terms of a political agenda or programme but rather as an outburst of rage over a range of social problems young Greeks face. The murder of 15 year old Andreas Grigoropoulos was just the straw that broke the camel's back for many.

Also they wanted to know what ordinary people thought of what was happening. I suppose there are a number of reactions. Many are shocked and disgusted by the material damage caused whilst others share the anger of those on the street.

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Anonymous said...

It is Alexandros not Andreas, me thinks