Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making the world safe for Santa

I think I'm going to move. The crime rate in my neighbourhood has been rising steadily, the local park is a drugs supermarket and I need to feel that the police are on hand to protect us law abiding citizens in these dangerous times.

So. I've decided to go live in Aristotelous Square, as near the Christmas tree as possible. For those not from Thessaloniki, Aristotelous is in the centre and its pretty tree is being guarded day and night by at least 15 cops, more than the entire neighbourhood of 40,000 people I live in.

Nice to know in these difficult times the forces of law and order realise where their priorities lay.


sobraluz said...

Finally I manage to see you, dear Santa. Today, taking photos at the Aristotelous and Tzimiski corner. About 4.30 pm.What a strange Santa you are!
Next time I'll speak to you. Happy New Year.

teacher dude said...

Happy New Year, Sobraluz. Next time feel free to chat. I don't bite, well not most of the time.